Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Budgies are Getting Long Wing Feathers: To Clip or Not to Clip?

To clip or not to clip? That was the subject, in part, of an earlier blog, in part, where I discussed that wing clipping was not cruel, since, for domesticated budgies, it could save their lives as there are many hazards that not flying well could help them avoid (such as, for example, flying into a tray of goo). This was written right after witnessing Magoo's terrible accident.

However, now that I have some distance from the accident, I realize I remain on the fence about this subject. On the internet, there are very strong opinions. Some feel that wing clipping is an essential part of bird ownership and not clipping is as absurd as never getting your kid potty trained. Others find that sentiment enormously offensive, and feel that clipping wings is just plain wrong. Whoah! It just isn't clear what should be done. And, if wing clipping is chosen, the vet says that only the vet should do it (quelle surprise).

On the one hand, clipping wings leads to better safety. On the other hand, birds are evolved to fly. Flying is what birds to, and to clip their wings is to lessen that joy. I'd like to know your views on this subject, so leave comments even if incendiary, on the topic!


Carl said...

I can't express "why" exactly but I would not clip. A certain sort of respect for other life forms, and desire that they use and enjoy their inherited abilities perhaps? Hmm, the biological desire for an infinite number of progeny is difficult to reconcile with this viewpoint. But, this is my feeling -- however it is rationalized.

Ex said...

I am personally in the non-clipping side, though I'm close to the fence. None of my birds are clipped, since they derive great joy from flying.


If at some point it becomes dangerous for one or more of them to do so, say illness or age makes it hard, then that could change. It really depends on the situation.

- me -

Budgie N' Hedgies said...

Hi ex (me), thanks for the comment. It seems rather than getting emotional and philosophical, you are taking a practical approach. probably the best approach when it comes to budgies, and probably, generally speaking, life itself.

Lona said...

Thanks for writing this.

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The Happy Couple
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