Thursday, July 31, 2008

Budgies FINALLY featured in!

I was so happy to see a budgie photo on cute overload.  Yes, cute overload is anthropomorphic, often to the point of being irritating, there are all kinds of made up words which strike me as a mixture of baby talk and psuedo french-like phrases, and worst of all, it rarely has bird pictures.  I do not recall it ever having a budgie shown (and I visit it almost everyday).  "What?" The gentle reader may well ask.  You bash it and then say you visit it daily?".  Well, yes.  I can intellectually distance myself from it, but I must admit, those adorable, sweet, lovable, and amazingly cute pictures really brighten my day.  Even if I can't relate to all the captions and comments.  I can't paste the picture on blogger for you to admire, but it is worth visiting at the above link.

My biggest regret is that, because I am at a new job and don't dare go to "blogger" while at work, I wasn't able to add comments on the day that this budgie post was posted; which could have brought more budgie fans to this blogsite!

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Carl said...

I'm not sure: I think that the photo of the flamingos in the men's room rates higher than the one of the budgies. Actually any of the budgie shots here would be better than theirs (which was sharp, but otherwise not that cute.)

But: why doesn't cute overload activate permalinks?

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007