Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In an earlier posted comment, C stated:

"The budgies may enjoy "Manzanilla" which is what Spanish-speakers around here call chamomile".  He went on to state "Mantazilla" sounds like a giant manta ray that emerges from the deep to ally with Godzilla against Mothra."

A picture of the budgies vs. the monster "Manzanilla" is shown here (courtesy of C).  Because budgies are really dinosaurs, it will be an impressive, B movie-worthy battle.

K wondered if she had misread the label on the herb bought at the Walmart in Sealy.  The best way to check on this is to Google it (not check the label).  A quick google search revealed:
from a site about the history of chamomile  "In spain it has been known for centuries at Mantazillla or "little apple".  It goes on to state that "this is also the name of a type of sherry which has a similar flavor."

But what about Manzanilla?
Wikipedia states that: Manzanilla is a variety of fino sherry...In Spanish, chamomile tea is called "manzanilla"...

So what is the answer to this confusing quandary?  Are there two ways of talking about chamomile in Spanish?  Is one a mutation of the other?  Is one more "correct"? and who will win in the battle of the Mantazilla monster and the ancient feathered dinosaur budgies?

See the Sequel, "son of budgies" to find out!

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The Happy Couple
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