Friday, June 19, 2009

Magoo Gains on Boo

Boo has long been the favorite. I adore all the budgies (of course) and all have their very special features and personality traits. I can't imagine if I had to give any of them up. When we first brought Magoo back home, I admit I felt burdened. I had hoped friends would adopt him. Now, however, I would find it very hard to let him go. He is so cheeky and brave! For example, tonight I left the door of the cage open, while I went to get cilantro. He steps right out, looks around, explores. When new food is in the cage, he and Sutcliffe both very eagerly try it (Magoo must be a flock leader in training). Magoo sings a lot, and if one of the budgies were to learn to speak, I think it might be him as he is the most responsive to verbal cues. He is tame, and if not so involved with the flock, would probably become very affectionate. Ok, Boo is also playful, Sutcliffe sings beautifully, Mary Ann is tame, but Magoo may be the whole package. But I am almost afraid to even say this, as I love the others so much too and I don't want to bring any bad luck down on any member of the flock!

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007