Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hanging a Cage

Despite warnings via our gentle readers, and others, we have acquired a cat. She is about five months old and she is very sweet (to us). Towards the goal of protecting budgies from the new kitten, we have a new cage which is large and has a curved top which will help it be hung more easily (I hope). (The new cage is pictured here on a table, but, it was not on a table when the cat arrived). J is an engineer, and has crafted a hook from the ceiling that is so secure, it will still be solid should the rest of the house fall down. The drawback to this set up is that it feels quite precarious to stand on a stepping stool every morning to feed them. Also, they are in a room which is shut all day against the cat. At night, I sit with them and the cat in that room (it is where the tv is). For the first several days, the cat didn't seem to notice the birds. Now, however, she has noticed them and watches them in that "Sylvester" way. She gets a squirt from the squirt bottle every time she pays them attention, and she hates it. Her Sylvester-like actions seem to be at a minimum. She has not made any attempts to figure out how to get near the cage, and her options are virtually nil in that regard as it is too far to jump from any furniture. The main risk are the venetian blinds--if she learned to climb those, she could get close enough to jump onto the cage. However, the cage has been covered with gauze, so hopefully if that happened, she would promptly fall off.

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007