Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's True-Nature Abhors a Vacuum

I have been sadly missing our sweet Magoo....but must admit the budgies are getting along better, cage maintenance is WORLDS easier...
However, as our gentle readers know, it has been said that Nature Abhors a Vacuum. And now we have further evidence that this is true.
Today, when enjoying the budgies outside on the front porch of our LBB (little blue bungalow), J noted that underneath the netting around the cage, there was a budgie. J said "how did one of budgies get out?" He looked more closely, and realized, none of the budgies were out: a NEW budgie had crawled in toward the cage, trying to get food! A lost budgie! An escapee budgie!
So we only just gave away our beloved baby Magoo-only to have this budgie arrive. J believes he is male; but I am not sure--I think it is very hard to tell sometimes, and this may be young budgie. S/he (we'll just say "he" in the future for convenience) is a wild-type (green) budgie, with darker markings than Boo or Magoo, and a bluish tone in the tail and underbelly. He is missling his tail fetahres...and looks a bit rumpled generally. There is evidence that he has been clipped but is growing back. I'll post an ad on Craig's list and also ask our neighbors, the Clampetsino's, to see if one of their budgies has escaped. I hope so; I really don't want to have to keep him...but, I have named him "Gypsy". Naming him is likely a mistake.

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From the Uplands of Reston said...

I had no idea that budgies were migratory. K, do you have a secret forest habitat in the LBB?

You had to let Magoo go because of a male dominance issue, and now "Gypsy" has shown up. And those pictures sure look similar. Hmmm.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007