Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bill and Quills?

The big news for next month is that a hedgehog is going to join our household (fingers crossed).  We had to reserve one as only a few breeders exist in the area.  We are schedule to get the hedgehog on April 20th.  So, the blog may soon be both about Budgies and Hedgehogs.  We would like to ask our gentle readers for thoughts on the name of the blog.  Perhaps Bills and Quills?  Budgies and Hedgies?  Perches and Burrows?  Let us know if you have any good ideas!


Carl said...

How exciting! A new associate member of the budgie flock! And, I am delighted to learn that hedgehog breeding is a commercial activity. I hope that you can get a hedgehog of an excellent breed for a good price. (I assume that you are not buying the hedgehog for show).

Stickly-Prickly might be a good name for a hedgehog, like the hedgehog that lived happily next to the turbid Amazon with his tortoise friend Slow-Solid in Kipling's Just So Story.

Budgie Bloggers said...

Thanks for hte nice comments! I like that name (Stickley Prickley). The hedgie will not be a show piglet, but I am sure he/she will be adorable enough to be "best in show". I am glad we still have (at least one) reader!

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007