Saturday, March 1, 2008

We're BACK!

After a long hiatus (we even skipped Boo's day this week!) we are back posting on the budgie blog. We thought no one was reading it as no comments have been forthcoming. However, an ecouraging email came (thanks C!) motivating us to resume.

The new cage has perches at many levels. It seems that the budgies like to space themselves relatively evenly throughout the cage most of the time. Harmony largely prevails. A great joy was brought to all when a ball that was labeled as "toy", made of wicker, was purchased, filled with cilantro, and put in the cage. In a day and a half, the entire top of the ball was destroyed. Even after the cilantro was all eaten, shredding the toy seemed to be a lot of fun for all. I think I will make some toys out of straw from the craft store, wrapped around seeds. The budgies seem to take great pleasure in shredding things that have some food associated with them.


Carl said...

This habit of destroying objects associated with food is very funny! What do budgies eat, in the wild, that should be more completely destroyed after eating??

Carl said...

I see in the sidebar that England's Prince Harry was nicknamed "Budgie" by his comrades, while in Afghanistan. This makes me respect him a lot more. Perhaps his widely-discussed comment that "I generally don't like England that much" is the mark of a born leader, who realistically recognizes that his nation is a stodgy backwater with unpleasant food and weather, rather than the boorish remark of an idiotic royal.

Budgie Bloggers said...

thansk for the comments! i really missed you carl when you had the flu. there was even a blog about it! re destroying things: it seems that destroying things associated with food may be like the joy of unwrapping a candy bar and tearing the paper off to see what is inside. they definitely just trash eucalyptus, though, for fun. boo used to pluck the tiny berries off and fling them with apparent glee! (some of the eucalyptus you sent had tiny seeds/berries on them).

thanks for the info re: prince harry and his nickname, as well as his quote which demonstrates what i consider "british wit".

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The Happy Couple
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