Sunday, March 1, 2009

Magoo Has Returned

Magoo has been unadopted as a Ringo by the adoptive family.  Our lease only allows for two birds, but we have now snuck in not only Boo (from the beginning) but now, Magoo. J. fetched Magoo in the ice and snow in Maryland and drove with him for two days from MD to TX.  He did very well in his little carrier, other than when once he got a bit cold going from the car to the motel.  Unfortunately J wasn't comfortable taking him right through the lobby, so he ended up staying in a less then pleasant, in fact, rather old holiday inn.  They both survived.  Upon arrival Magoo was placed in the very large cage  with his dad.  They did great!  Magoo did everything that a budgie does in a very short time.  He ate, he hopped and drank from the water bottle, he chewed on a stick, he rubbed his head on a stick...ahhh.  He was  a very happy budgie.  When Mary ann was added, he did ok (a day later).  Yet, the third day, Boo was added.  Magoo got really stressed.  He was shaking rapidly, with quivering wings, at high frequency, low amplitude.  Poor Magoo!  We removed Boo, and Magoo did well.  After  another day, we re-added Boo and all did well.  At this point, the pecking order seems to be Mary ann at the top (as always), then Boo=Magoo, and at the bottom, it appears, is Sutcliffe.  Though really, Boo is mean to everyone, but Mary ann trumps her.  Magoo is only mean to Boo and Sutcliffe.  And Mary Ann is generally mean, but she tolerates Sutcliffe the most.  So it is a bit circular.  So the cliche that applies may not be "pecking order" but "round robin".


Robert said...

Thanks for the touching update. Glad to hear Magoo is thriving.
One question. If Sutcliffe is such a dutiful father, why is he so low on the pecking order?

BudgBudgies-and -Moving to Houston - Bloggers said...

Thanks Robert for reading the blog and for remembering sweet Magoo (you should--you were the one who entered "Magoo" into the naming contest...and won!).

re sutcliffe: interesting question. This will be posed as the subject of a subesequent blog. yours truly, K, J, and the budgies (M, MA, S, and B- in no special order).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sutcliffe is low on the pecking order precisely because he's a dutiful Dad. He's putting a lot of himself into his sons. I hope that he's gratified by the results. And, I hope that his sons have some gratitude too.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007