Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Habitats

The three cage still-life we previously had, has been migrated to a one cage, two tier habitat. The new cage was purchased via "Ebay". It arrived a bit banged up, but not worth contacting the seller about. In any case, the new cage is much more harmonious, working towards restoring feng shui to the budgie world. K for one is very pleased that 1) the netting used to keep seed and feathers from flying out of the cages fit the new cage (Thanks for the netting O and O!) and 2) there will be a lot less clean up overall with things consolidated in this manner. Everyone seems perfectly happy with their new home! The bottom tier contains Boo, Mary ann, and Mia. The top tier, Magoo and his dad, Sutcliffe. As soon as Magoo seems completely healed, we will merge the two into one (a handy feature of this new cage-we can remove the middle divider and make one big cage). Boo and Mia are hardly fighting at all, and Boo seems happy, and unharrassed, as he munches on the millet seed that O and O recently sent (Thanks!). Everyone else is also enjoying the millet seed. The homes are also decorated nicely with the new Christmas toys that M and family sent (Thanks also!). Of course, the one with the baby building blocks on it went into Magoo and Sutcliffe's cage.
Magoo continues to heal. However, he is exceedingly wild. Today while K was adjusting a perch in his cage, he flew out, and flew right into the window pane. Sigh. I hope his James Dean personality doesn't lead to a similiar "live fast, die young" fate.


Carl said...

I, too, enjoy changing my habitat every few years -- I suppose it's been about 17 years, until this last change of nesting materials. I hope the budiges enjoy their new quarters as much as I have!

Magoo demonstrates exemplary courage and initiative! But, this sometimes leads to disaster. Perhaps Magoo may be the James Dean of birds: his life may be short but wild and extremely eventful and exciting. Or perhaps he will live a long, happy, and less notable life, like Dean James: who was born on the same day, and spent his life as an accountant, living above a hardware store in Coalinga.

J and K, the Human Guardians of a Few Budgies said...

Thanks for the Dean James and James Dean contrast! It is hard to predict what someone in the childhood stages will be like when they are an adult (for a budgie, in about six months or less). More on Budgie personalities in a future Blog!
I meant to thank you, C, and B, also for Eucalyptus, the last few branches of which also decorate the cages! K and J

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007