Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Injured: but Recovering (Warning-Sad, Upsetting)

I am sure many of you wondered this week what happened to Boos-day posting? What happened to regular blog updates at this important time in baby development?
The reason we have been a bit silent, is that on Tuesday, the baby had an accident and we've been focused on tending him, and neglecting blogging. He flew out of the box without our knowlege, and got stuck in a spider trap (which is essentially, a tray of goo that traps spiders). He was really glued to the trap! Fortunately, the trap is merely goo, no chemicals. His entire under-belly, chest, neck, beak, and feet, as well as parts of wings, were stuck and covered with goo. We had to cup our hands under him and physically pry him free. We could not easily remove the goo from him, so used a dilute vinegar solution and paper towel/Q-tips. Fortunately, all of his parts are intact, although he has some minor injuries and has lost feathers especially on the neck and tummy. His beak was really gooey, because he groomed himself and got more and more goo on him, but a dilute vinegar solution is very helpful for beak cleaning as well. Now, he is feeding himself, and Sutcliffe also feeds him. He spends a fair amount of time in the nest box, but does normal budgie behaviors which is a good sign. Mary ann was pecking him, so Mia has a new roomate.
Please send positive vibes, good karma, and prayers his way for a speedy recovery!


Carl said...

That is a harrowing tale. But, young creatures have great capacity for recovery. My best wishes to the young bird!

Under the circumstances, should Spiderbird be considered as a possible name?

J and K, the Human Guardians of a Few Budgies said...

Ah! Spider bird is an excellent name! It appears that this baby will have multiple names. That will add to his mystical power.

Rosa said...

It may seem like "making lemonade when served lemons," but that trap may have saved him from a much more horrible fate when on the loose. I witnessed his frenetic youthful flight, and he could very well have ended up in a lamp or near other household hazards. I know your home has undergone a full safety check since 'the incident' but, if you like, I can do a Health and Safety Audit for you ;-)

J and K, the Human Guardians of a Few Budgies said...

a full health and safety check would be welcome! we need to buy a lamp that has a cover so the bulb is not a hazard. Windows need stickers...and let us know your other thoughts! Of course we can't protect this wild-hearted creature from the world, we can only improve the odds for his/her safety, and we appreciate the comments! Keep em coming!

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007