Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boo Distracts his Mother

Boo is back from holiday at J's mom's house: the main reason is simply, I missed him. Funny, how a silly little bird can become so beloved. He is really cute, though, sitting on my head, and on my glasses (which, when not reading, are typically pused up on my head). He has also become a "hair groomer" which is very sweet and seems akin to true affection. Of course, I am anthropomorhising again (is it so wrong?). Anyway, every morning, Boo lets out a series of very loud "CHEEP"s. I have heard this noise before, usually when a budgie is looking for the "flock". It is a loud "where are you" call. He has been calling from his cage, and his mother is busily answering. Since this began, his mother seems to have lost all interest in romance with Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe, meanwhile, is still poking his head in the nest box, feeding Mary ann, and even had his foot on her back last night (a prelude to romance, shall we say, in an effort to keep this a "G rated" blog). However, she has not returned to the nest box, been indifferent to the nesting behavior of tearing bark off the the cherry branches we have placed in the cage, and generally not interested in Sutcliffe. Boo, you little romance killer! I shouldn't be surprised. Boo is very spoiled and as far as he remembers, its always been "all about Boo".

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007