Friday, September 14, 2007

Sutcliffe Is Doing What He Can (It Seems)

Sutcliffe seems very into the entire nest box and mating idea (although we haven't actually caught him um, er, in the act). However, he is in and out of the box, cozying up to Mary ann and feeding her continuously, and has a very blue beak in addition to a blue cere. Mary ann, however, seems less enthused. While she is in the nest box from time to time, its not particularly often. She lets Sutcliffe feed her, and she feeds herself. Pretty much, most of her day is spent eating. The weather has cooled slightly, and it is now raining. All I can do is hope that there is something romantic in the air. Mary ann has become almost twice as large as Sutcliffe. She seems happy enough, though. I suppose all we can do now is wait and see. We have moved the camera to a hole over the nest box.

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007