Friday, November 9, 2007

A Change in Routine

Warning: some content of this post may be embarrassing to some people (but not birds).
Over the last week, Sutcliffe and Mary Ann have been spending even more time in the nest box. It is not possible to estimate the total time spent in the nest box, because we are not monitoring them constantly. However, more often than not, when we go to visit them in their love hideaway (Ie the basement), they are both in the nest box.
The "BIG" news: this morning, I spied a very large stool. It is the type that Mary Ann had when she last laid eggs: some may recall, that unlike most budgies, who poop pretty much throughout the day delivering tiny pellets of waste, the nesting budgie goes once a day, and delivers a large dollop.
The unfortunate matter of this is its right next to the food bowl. That could prove to be a bit of a messy issue. Otherwise though, an excellent, and yes, very exciting sign.
Yes, its a giant bird poop, and its VERY exciting!
For those of you who are really fans of biology, I will try to get a photo. I'll watch comments to see if the fans of the blog wish me to post a giant poop picture.


Carl said...

It's very exciting to us monkeys out here, that you budgies may be expanding your flock!

I am in favor of leaving the blog photos poop-free, unless the poop of pregnant budgies has particularly lovely colors or shapes.

Human Guardians of a Few Budgies said...

Well, its lovely to me, but only because it signifies BREEDING. Does that make me a pervert?

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007