Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Introducing: MIA

In order to discourage Boo's constant chirping to his mother (who is on another floor, but still, seems distracted), we have gotten him a new companion. Her name is Mia. She is lovely, white with a yellowish face, and a bit of other delicate coloring.
We were going to adopt, but, the hassle factor was SO high: we had to first drive to fill out an application. Then, when our application is approved, meet the bird. Then, get a home visit from some Takoma Park Hippie. Then, drive out and get the bird. All this for a budgie? I mean, yes, adoption is the right thing to do. But they need to lower the bar a bit, at least, on this. I mean, its a BUDGIE. And budgies are $25 at Petsmart. Which is where we got Mia. Walk in, get a budgie, walk out. I feel a bit guilty, but, hey, mission accomplished.
So far, Boo seems to hate her. At least, they spend a fair amount of their time pushing each other off of perches. He also pecks at her. But, he seems a bit deferential, as well. She comes in from the Budgie Bin, where it was a "Bird eat Bird" world, and he has known nothing but pampering and adoration. We will see where this goes, and, if it helps Mary ann and Sutcliffe FINALLY get the lovin' they need from each other.
On a general blogging note: I wonder if I should get myself one of these t-shirts for myself?

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The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007