Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Eggs Have been Removed

Yesterday we removed three eggs, cleaned the box, and held the baby (pics to follow). She's a giant baby! (note: will use he/she interchangeably). Her eyes remain closed. She has quite a few feathers and a large, full, buddha tummy. She flapped her wings. Mary ann and Sutcliffe were understandably concerned, but after replacing the box, they both went in and fed the baby, and today, all is well. The three eggs were as follows: two empty (unfertilized?). one: fertilized, but no viable offspring. However, this giant baby is going to take all of her parents attention, I am sure! Here you can see Mary ann is getting suspicious. She's a smart bird.


Carl said...

When Princeton decided to admit female students in the 60's (!), one of the faculty members dealing with the issues was Martin Kruskal, the math whiz responsible for Kruskal coordinates (useful near black holes) and Solitons. He suggested that the university decide whether to use "he" or "she", as a pronoun for "the student", in official documents by using a random number generator.

He may have suggested a particular random number generator, but this last is legend rather than substantiated fact.

J and K, the Human Guardians of a Few Budgies said...

hmm..i may not be as random as that, but its a good solution to the problem! the other issue is naming: gender is hard to determine until budgies are about 1and a half years old or so: and even then, it can be tricky. We are starting to suspect Boo is a she! Budgie gender: not random, but hard to predict.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007