Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Test Question: Do You Know What Day it Is?

Yes folks, another week has passed and the very special, not to be missed, BOOS-day is upon us!
Boo has had an excellent week. His feathers are shiny again, and he has stopped molting. I am not sure if he has re-gained the 2 ounces lost due to the stress of Mia moving in, but, he certainly is eating with regular gusto. He is playful and happy. Mia seems to be settling into her cage nicely too. We let them out for "playtime" a couple of times a week, and mostly, they just sit happily together on the houseplants (as shown, with Mia in the foreground).
The really big news on Boo this week is: his nose doesn't look too blue-ish anymore. In fact, it has a downright brownish tint. This suggests that HE might be a SHE. Budgies are notoriously hard to sex, especially, prior to puberty. And puberty often occurs right after the first molt. Boo was born last FEbruary, so it is possible he has just entered puberty. We will keep yo posted on the color of his cere (cere=the top of the beak which is brownish pink in female budgies, and blue in male budgies). The nose knows! Happy Boos-day!


Carl said...

Err, it was Wednesday herein Japan when I first noticed this -- but probably still Boo Day back in DC.

It is great to hear that Boo is doing so well, having left the nest and now out from under the wing of his Mom. I hope that things go well for him and his friend Mia.

Contributions by: the Human Guardians of a Few Budgies said...

thanks for the comment! boo is so precious. Its hard not to spoil him. mia seems to be doing better. its not easy to have grown up in a budgie bin.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Sutcliffe and Maryann in early 2007